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Trevor Potts Wet Waste offer a whole range of drainage services to businesses and homes across Yorkshire. No job is too large or small and we guarantee that you will receive a friendly and efficient service. See below for more information or call us on 01709 700200.
Trucks with drains at a property


We can deal with blocked drains and also provide drain jetting, cleansing and de-scaling, pump chambers and deep wet walls.
From small scale domestic drains to large commercial or industrial systems, we can deal with blockages and also offer a range of preventative maintenance services that will save you time, money and hassle in the long term. The build up of silt in surface water systems, or of fat in drains for kitchens or restaurants can cause blockages over time, and our cleansing and descaling services will help you avoid these inconveniences.
We can tackle all drainage related jobs from small domestic services to large scale commercial projects. Our 24-hour emergency call out service means you'll always have access to quality drainage repairs day or night
CCTV camera surveys

CCTV camera surveys

To tackle longstanding drainage problems, our CCTV camera survey offers a way to look inside your drainage system and identify any problem areas or potential faults that may otherwise remain undetected. From cracks in the pipe to collapsed drains or stray tree roots, we can identify the problem and repair it for you.
A CCTV camera survey is a fantastic way to save time and money by accurately identifying problems and their exact location, meaning they can be fixed without costly excavations in the wrong place.
Pump chamber

Pump chambers

We offer a comprehensive pump chamber maintenance service. This includes emptying and cleaning the chamber, removing all fat and grease buildup and debris and even full pump replacement and reinstatement of the control panel and electrics.
Keeping your pump chamber in good shape will also ensure you avoid environmental issues stemming from a full chamber seeping into the water course
We are well equipped to deal with pump chambers of all sizes, domestic and commercial. Our whale jet/vac unit and whale vacuum tanker are equipped to deal with any size pump chamber from smaller domestic systems to large chambers dealing with hundreds of houses pumping thousands of gallons per day.
Regular maintenance and servicing will keep your pump chamber in good working order and prevent costly repairs further down the line.

Other Services

  • Clearance of blocked drains
  • Empty/Reseal of surface water road gullies
  • Interceptor cleaning
  • High pressure water jetting
  • Washing down of large surface areas
  • Industrial cleaning
We offer pre-planned and proactive maintenance on all services.
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